Welcom to Servant Warrior Training – An experimint.

Greetings to all,


This site is an experiment in providing tools to those who need or want something more out of life. My primary audience is the blind and visually impaired; though, I hope to provide information that can be of value to people beyond this initial group.

I already built up a site, with some fantastic help, at another address. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite adjust to my new employment as well as I had expected, and I let the site sort of drop. It’s still there, but it is very poorly maintained on the part of yours truly.


I wanted to build a site from the ground up, so I can be more intimately familiar with WordPress. As I learn more, I will be enhancing the site, or at least that is my intention. For now, I will leave you with this final thought.


The place is here. The time is now. No matter how far you have gone, or how far you have to go, you can always do something right here and now. Even if you can only shift your thinking just a little bit, that is still something. Whether you are totally blind like I am, or you have perfect eyesight, you can always start from here. You can always move forward. Even if that is at a snail’s pace, that is still moving.